Introducing the Signature Collection Home Kandi We are proud to bring the Home Kandi signature collection to the Isle of Man. Luxury furniture that you will not find anywhere else. SHOP NOW home kandi signature collection To the furniture of your dreams Treat Yourself The Home Kandi Isle of Man Signature collection furniture is the ultimate in luxury and fine interior design furniture. SHOP NOW home kandi signature collection
home kandi signature collection

Luxury Redefined

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The Signature Collection is a range of diverse, luxury furniture that introduces an exquisite ambiance to any home.
The unmatched quality behind each piece and the use of luxury materials in our Signature Collection will leave you immersed in comfort and style
Our Signature collection offers an extensive range of sofas in all shapes and sizes that can be tailored to ensure that you have something unique.
Modern design or classic contemporary, you choose. We have something for everyone.
From large corners to curved and everything in between in some of the boldest colours, we present you with our eclectic range.

Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity and above all quality. Luxury is the utmost attention to the finer details.

isle of man signature collection home kandi
home kandi signature collection


Explore the exclusive Signature collection

Look no further than our extraordinary collection of Signature beds for that necessary indulgence.As our customers know, sleeping in the comfort of a quality bed provides an unforgettable nightly experience.
Now you can purchase your new bed with various bespoke options and treat yourself to something stylish, comfortable and unique.

home kandi signature collection


Explore the exclusive Signature collection

Our Signature Chairs capture the essence of design and quality with eye-catching simplicity and graceful curves. A fitting statement from some of the greatest furniture designers.
Sit back and relax in your favourite chair and be present in the moment while appreciating the comfort and elegance that surrounds you.

Hudson Chair With Buttons Grey

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