Sky Ceilings were founded in the domain of healthcare, and in response to the question if it would be possible to think of a visually attractive solution as an alternative for the dull white ceilings patients are always staring up at. That is why we have been supplying the most beautiful cloud ceilings on the European and UK markets. Crystal-clear image in an ultra-thin LED panel, for a competitive price. With our cloud ceilings, we add an extra experience to every room.


By stimulating daylight with the right LED panels and the use of realistic high-resolution pictures, you will really feel like you are working outside when you are actually inside, or feel like you are being treated under a blue sky. The colour temperature of our light matches daylight. This makes it seem like you are actually looking outside through a very real window, and visitors and employees also experience the positive effects of daylight when they are inside.

Photo Art

Developed in collaboration with the Dutch Photo Museum
A window to the outside where this is normally impossible
Available up to 300×120 cm in one piece
Every image can be used, you can also submit your own!
Empty walls are history with Photo Art, the most beautiful art combined with our daylight LED lighting. In collaboration with the Dutch Photo Museum, we have developed a thin frame to go on the wall, with the same unique qualities as our other ceiling products. By default our Photo Art comes in a modern, white frame, and it fits in every room, enabling full enjoyment of every piece of art. Whether it is a picture from the archive of the Dutch Photo Museum, or the latest masterpiece made by one of the artists from our network. We have the right image for every living room, office space or institution. If not? We will go looking for the desired image, and bring it to life with LED Sky Ceilings Photo Art!


There is no standard dimension for our Photo Art. All dimensions are possible, up to a maximum of 300×120 cm.

From Art To Nature

You can take your pick from our crystal-clear pictures, online image databases or your own design. We also work together closely with various artists and Photo Museums.


Photo Art is dimmable. We would love to hear from you how you would dim the frame.

Another Colour For Your Frame

By default, our profiles have a white frame. If you would like another colour, that is no problem at all.

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