We believe the home plays a huge part in your wellbeing and happiness. Your surroundings and the energy you feel when you’re in a room has the ability to make you feel right at home.

That’s why home Kandi are proud to offer a bespoke and tailored Interior design service. Unique to each and every client, our expert design team will take you on a journey to create your perfect space.

The Process

Step 1 – Discovery & Acquaintance

Using their natural ability to help clients, the Home Kandi designers will arrange an initial consultation to meet with you at your space and listen to you. During this first session the designers will discover the requirements for the space of your dreams and begin the journey to create your one of a kind interior design.

Step 2 – Review & Options

Once the designer has visited your space and understands you and your requirements, they will be able to produce a project requirement pack this will outline all of their recommendations and options for the space based on your requirements and their design experience. Personalisation is the key to our innovative design technique, and we will keep the entire process with you transparent.

Step 3 – Quotes & Order

Upon delivery of the project requirements pack the designer will provide you with options and recommendations based on your collaboration. You pick the options of your choice whilst working closely with our designers and their custom design style. The designers can finance any interior design work ensuring you can fit their expertise into your budget.

Step 4 – Creation

When you have decided on the design modules that you wish to move forward with our interior designers will liaise with our expert network of bespoke and wholesale manufacturers to acquire those perfect pieces you have selected. Once the design elements arrive on location your interior designer will meet you there to begin the installation process.

Step 5 – Installation

From phase one wall treatments to the installation of the furniture and lighting, we take care of you through it all. During this step of the process you will be able to supervise the installation of the design as it comes to life, right in front of your eyes. Soft changes can be made during this step, however ordered furniture, lighting and décor cannot be sent back.

Step 6 – Love & Relaxation

Your brand-new Home Kandi custom space is now ready to welcome your high functioning life with the zen of relaxation. Open a glass of wine, relax and enjoy.